The first and most easily identifiable concept is a local, regional, international discount & loyalty system, with a few distinct differences. Whereas we are all familiar with shopping points and loyalty systems, the Beep Xtra system gives clients instantly spendable CASHBACKs (Discounts) loaded onto THEIR Beep cards.

Clients can go for a haircut into a Beep Xtra shop, pay full price but they have cashback (discount) loaded on their card. They can then go into any other Beep Xtra shop or business around the world, in person or online, and use the cashback on their account to come off the price of their next purchase.

Beep Xtra is free to join for individuals. The cards are free, each new business is allocated cards to get them started and they are replenished as necessary at no extra cost, (terms apply). The only initial cost to a business is A ONE OFF INTEGRATION FEE from one of the options we provide.

Benefits of integrating your store with Beep?People holding shopping bags

  • Offer your clientele a Loyalty Program that works
  • Build stronger relationships with your existing customers
  • Your customers will have various incentives to come and spend more
  • You will be able to have communication with your customers via Beep's internal messaging system
  • Promote weekly special offers to an extensive, up to date database of potential customers locally, regionally and internationally
  • You will earn money from your customers shopping at any other Beep Store
  • Have an online presence and have the opportunity to sell online via the Beep Online Shop
  • In time increase your clientele and have new customers walk through your door
  • Enjoy the benefits from maximum exposure generated by local, regional and international advertising

What does it mean to be a Beep Store?

  • Receive all the benefits as stated above and more
  • Offer a cashback discount on at least 20% of your products or services and at least 20% of your total monthly sales
  • Pay 1.00% ~ 2.75% to Beep on every Beep Transaction made, of which a large percentage will be used for marketing (similar to pay as you go advertising), and payments to the rewards plans

Beep truly makes everyone a Winner!