Invitations / Registration / Activation

  • Question: My Name and Lastname is not being accepted after inputting details in the registration process.

    • Answer: These fields only accepts "Latin Characters". When entering this information please note that the system does not accept hyphens (-) nor numbers. Adjustments to the system will be done in order for non Latin characters to be accepted at a later date!

  • Question: After registration is completed, I cannot login, is there a problem with my account?

    • Answer: Firstly, after registration an activation email will be sent to your registered email address, you must first click the link to activate your account.
    • Should your password not be accepted you can always select to reset your password by clicking, and try again.
    • Should none of the above work please contact us via our online form at:

  • Question: I clicked my activation link and it said "Activation Failed". How can i activate my account?

    • Answer: Please forgive us for missing this point. Your account is fine, and you can try to login. This is caused if you "Double Click" the activation link (It actually opens twice), so the first one activates, but the second brings the error. We will revise this and a proper message that your account is already activated!

  • Question: When I click on the invitation email and input my invitation code a reply comes back saying "There is no active invitation related with your email and your invitation code!"

    • Answer: The most common reason is that your invitation has expired. T he system gives a 12 hour window ONLY for personal invitations and 72 hours ONLY for store invitations. Should you try to accept after this time frame please contact your sponsor and ask him / her to reset your invitation whereby another email will be sent to you to register.

  • Question: My sponsor didn't receive a notification that i signed up... shouldn't he/she?

    • Answer: There is no notification. The sponsor will simply see you directly in his/her downline page through his/her account.

  • Question: I have sent numerous invitations but no email was received by recipients?

    • Answer: Make sure that the invitation sent is displayed in your Pending Invitations Tab.
    • Check that the email address of the person / store you wish to invite is correct.
    • Ask the recipient to check their Junk/Spam folder. (This is more common with Hotmail, Outlook, Msn, due to the restrictions on their mail servers. Once our mail server which is brand new becomes known and "Trusted" this will no longer be an issue).
    • We just added an information box, right under your pending invites in the control panel, this provides you with the unique links for each of your invitations sent!
      • Note that there are 2 types of links which can be found under:
        a) One that leads to the video presentation (And their registration button is located at the left side or at the end of the video)
        b) A shortcut link that leads directly to the registration form.

  • Question: How do we prevent people from sending random invitations (Spamming).

    • Answer: We have an extremely strict policy against spamming, on receipt of multiple complaints received within a certain time frame informing us of someone abusing their account, their account will immediatly be suspended!


  • Question: Videos sometimes do not play on Firefox, Chrome on Windows XP, and a few other systems.
    • Answer: Due to limitations on 3rd party software, we are in the process of adding the videos on other locations as well i.e. youtube. Our Official Beep Youtube channel can be found here.

  • Question: How do i get my physical Beep Card? Will it come through mail?

    • Answer: After the 1st December 2013 ( Release), and when the Beep service will be already operational in stores, you will see a notification in your account dashboard, that suggests the closest store to you based on your location (by proximity). You will be advised to pick up your card from that store (*you will also have the option to change which store to pick up your card from if needed).

  • Question: I am in "XYZ" country and most people don't speak English here. How do i get information in my language and also the invite emails and videos in specific languages?

    • Currently all videos and documentation can be found in English. In the near future this promotional material will also be available in other languages.
    • Our Website is currently available in the following languages: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian. Following that, and within the next month or so, we aim to have a total of 27 languages available.
    • Should you want to help us with translations for your country (Even if it's not in the list of 27 languages), we will be happy to work with you. Just drop us an email at [email protected]